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Like in our group AISIN Corporation, we at AISIN TÜRKİYE get inspiration for our HR policies from the Quality Supremacy philosophy. Because our personnel are our main asset for success, Employee satisfaction is our prior target.

To achieve this goal, our HR policies follow 3 main principles:
• Talent Management
• Harmony in Labor
• Continuous Education

Why work for AISIN EUROPE ?

• Career & Competence management
• Equal opportunities
• An international & multicultural environment
• Passion for the automobile
• An attractive total reward package

Talent Management at AISIN TÜRKİYE is based on:

• An Induction Program that quickly helps our new hires feel comfortable within the company;
• A clear description of the role and the performance criteria at each level;
• A yearly setting of individual objectives in line with our corporate and department objectives;
• Competency Management;
• A yearly Performance Review;
• Continuous training and development opportunities;
• A priority access to career opportunities within AISIN TÜRKİYE and the AISIN Group;

More generally, through its Quality Supremacy concept, AISIN TÜRKİYE is a human-centric organization offering a talent-nurturing environment. Quality Circles are a striking example of this.

Harmony in labor


Our Human Resources Management truly believe that only men and women who feel well in their daily work can be motivated to produce the quality of products and services that will satisfy our Customers.

Accordingly, a continuous commitment to safety, well-being, motivation and satisfaction of our personnel is our utmost priority.

AISIN TÜRKİYE fights against prejudice and commits itself to equal opportunities for all.

Continuous Education

In line with our continuous improvement philosophy, we at AISIN TÜRKİYE support the continuous education of our employees both in technical and non-technical fields.

• A yearly examination of individual training needs helps employees achieve their individual objectives;
• A Training Catalogue managed by the Human Resources Dept offers opportunities for further trainings;
• Employees are encouraged to submit Training Suggestions to develop their skills;

Employees who wish to devote some of their private time to education can rely on our AISIN TÜRKİYE Training Support Scheme that provides financial support for private training initiatives.


Every year we welcome students both in technical and less technical jobs in various educational program. These discovery trainings enable students to make their first steps in their professional career in a safe, friendly and technological environment. The suggested themes are exciting!

In many cases, a traineeship is a springboard to a job with AISIN TÜRKİYE.