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Message from the President of Aisin Türkiye

Dear Aisin Türkiye employees and business partners,

The automotive industry, of which AISIN Türkiye is a part, is going through a transformation that can be witnessed probably only once a century. Developments are leading to vehicles that traditionally run on gasoline or diesel, which are fossil fuels, being replaced by electric vehicles in the near future. We are beginning to experience the effects of this transformation, which will be of crucial importance, with some parts being produced today becoming obsolete in time. This transformation will bring great risks to those companies that cannot read the future well and that fail to prepare themselves for the future. For us, however, this transformation will bring us opportunities in the design and manufacture new products. Companies that can take advantage of these opportunities in a timely manner will stand out from the crowd, although the process will be time-consuming and will require perseverance. At Aisin Türkiye, we have been working with the awareness that we need to begin today preparing ourselves for the changes coming in the future. We manufacture our products with focus on high quality, timely production and customer satisfaction, and without compromising on occupational safety, and act with the awareness that preparing for the future requires us to improve ourselves. We invest in the development of our employees not only professionally but also in many other fields. We have rapidly implemented new-generation applications so as to increase our competencies, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digital technologies, and we will continue to do so.

We will need new ideas more than ever during this transformation that we are going through. For this reason, we value every new idea equally at Aisin Türkiye, and balance our resources to implement innovations that will carry us to the future.

We are pushing forward with our values with an eye on a better future.

President of Aisin Türkiye